Niche WordPress Plugins That Solve Very Specific WordPress Problems

(When you need these you really really need them!)


Plugin Groups For WP

Ever have a tech support rep ask you to disable all of your plugins? If you are a developer or an active WordPress user, it's a frequent request. Unfortunately, you have a large mix of enabled and disabled plugins which means you have to write down all the enabled plugins before you can disable them all. There's an easier way - just use this plugin!

Dashboard Notifier For WP

Create and manage an UNLIMITED number of beautiful dashboard widgets across your network of sites in a multi-site installation of WordPress.

Control who sees each widget using role-based security. Activate and deactivate widgets at the network level. Allow or disallow network admins' access to widget creation capabilities.

Dashboard Organizer For WP

As an administrator for WP sites, you have probably spent a lot of time arranging dashboard widgets just the way you like it. Then something happens and you lose the arrangement, forcing you to do it all over again. Or maybe you want to give your arrangement to another user and you just don't want to go through the trouble of manually recreating the layout again. This WP plugin helps solve these issues and more.

Network Login For WP Multisite

The Network Login WordPress Plugin is used to manage user registrations on a multi-site installation using a unique workflow. The registration flow is designed to shield the user from the knowledge that they are registering on a network of related sites.  

The new workflow allows the user to use their email address across multiple sites without compromising their security.


Auto Membership for Woo Commerce

You have this great site that uses WooCommerce and its membership module. All your customers that buy something in the store get assigned a free membership of some kind. What about the users that register elsewhere on the site?

Maybe they registered outside of the WooCommerce universe because they subscribed to an email or used the ticket support system or simply registered using a custom form. How do they get assigned the default membership? This plugin fixes that issue.

Admin Menu Sorter for WP

Sometimes, all you want to do is sort the admin menu to make it easier to find a menu item. This simple plugin does that. It places two menu options in the top menu (menu bar) to allow you to sort and un-sort the dashboard admin menu.

Hide Admin Menu for WP

Sometimes, all you want to do is completely hide the admin menu from all end users because all links that the end user will need are placed on the dashboard. This plugin accomplishes this simple task and nothing more.



A set of TablePress stylesheets that allows you to instantly dress up your TablePress tables. (Links to another website.)

WordPress Hosting You Control

Did you know that you could save money and get far better performance by running your own WordPress servers in the cloud?  It's far easier than you might think!

Manage WordPress Cloud Servers in wp-admin

Manage all your cloud servers for WordPress inside wp-admin.  Support for DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS EC2 and AWS LightSail.  Azure, Google Cloud & Upcloud coming oon.