Dashboard Organizer

A WordPress Multi-site Compatible Plugin


The Business Problem

The WordPress Dashboard is usually a mish-mash of widgets that are thrown on there by multiple plugins. This makes the whole dashboard disorganized by default! For a developer who wants to deliver a polished site to their customer, taming this dashboard would be a great improvement. Unfortunately, that isn't easy. The only way to achieve this is to manually organize the dashboard under the user's name before delivering the site. If there are many users that need to have their dashboards organized properly, developers will spend a LONG time doing nothing but rearranging pesky dashboard widgets.

Our Solution

The solution to this problem is simple - create a plugin that allows the administrator to create organized layouts of dashboard widgets by role. This plugin does just that. 


  • It allows each site administrator to create multiple layouts - one for each role.  
  • One layout can be assigned to multiple roles.
  • If used in conjunction with the Dashboard Widgets Permissions-By-Role plugin, the administrator can have full control over where the dashboard elements are located for each user in a particular role.
  • It can be safely activated in a multi-site installation of WordPress.

What Can You Do With This Plugin?

  • You can provide your customers with pre-configured layouts of dashboard widgets. Your work appears more polished and you maintain your awesome reputation for quality work.

Plugin Limitations?

Since we are talking about the Wild Wild West of the WordPress dashboard, there are some limitations to what this plugin can do.

  • The layout you want to assign to a user must be prepared for their role prior to the user's first login. 
  • If the user rearranges the dashboard, the new arrangement takes over and your default arrangement is ignored. This is a WP design decision.
  • Any new widgets that are added to a layout will be added to existing users' layouts at the bottom. Only users logging in for the first time will get your new default layout.